Vilka dialektord kvalar in i en standardspråklig ordlista?

  • Lena Wenner


This paper describes the work behind deciding which dialect words should be included in the Swedish Academy Glossary (SAOL) 14. All 500 dialect words in the glossary of SAOL 13 were examined and pre-sented in 10 Internet-based questionnaires containing 50 words each. For each word, informants were asked if they knew it and whether they used it themselves. As a result, it is suggested that 100 words should be de-leted; either because they are too dialectal and only have a limited geo-graphical distribution, or because they nowadays are part of Standard Swedish. In addition, it is suggested that 14 dialect words that have not previously been included, should be incorporated in the glossary.

Wenner, L. (2018). Vilka dialektord kvalar in i en standardspråklig ordlista?. Nordiske Studier I Leksikografi, (13), 443-453. Hentet fra
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