Inventariografi og andre nyere tilgange til leksikografi

  • Ken Farø


This article presents an analysis of four recent approaches to lexicogra-phy, whose common denominator is method radicalism, namely (1) The Corpus Method, (2) The Function Doctrine, (3) User-driven lexicogra-phy, and (4) Inventoriography. An inventoriographic approach to list-oriented language description, where language lexicography represents a significant, but not sufficient pillar, hails the slogan “Back to language”, i.e. a type of lexicography that to a larger extent than the existing focuses on the description of individual linguistic categories and their complete inventory. A few examples of inventories are the prepositions, text genres, names, book titles, phonemes, templates, discourses etc. – in other words: a great task. It is an intrinsic part of Inventoriography to avoid artificial boundaries between lexicography, encyclopediography and grammaticography.

Farø, K. (2018). Inventariografi og andre nyere tilgange til leksikografi. Nordiske Studier I Leksikografi, (13), 301-311. Hentet fra
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