Sætningsstruktur og strukturelle flertydigheder

  • Sten Vikner
Nøgleord: strukturel flertydighed, leksikalsk flertydighed, sætningsstruktur, konstituenter, konstituenttests, generativ tilgang, funktionel tilgang, VP (verbalfrase)


There is agreement across different approaches that although sentences consist of words, they are much more than strings of words: They also have structure. Section 1 shows how clause structure is analysed very differently across different approaches. The rest of the paper addresses ambiguity: lexical ambiguity in section 2, morphological structural ambiguity in section 3, and syntactic structural ambiguity in section 4. Subsections 4.1-4.2 analyse the ambiguity arising when a constituent, e.g. a PP, is interpretable either as the sister of one constituent or of another constituent. Subsection 4.3 argues that the ambiguous examples analysed in all of section 4 cannot be accounted for within approaches that do not recognise a constituent that contains a verb and its complement (i.e. a VP).

Vikner, S. (2019). Sætningsstruktur og strukturelle flertydigheder. Ny Forskning I Grammatik, (26), 176-190. https://doi.org/10.7146/nfg.v0i26.116001