Klummen som politisk barometer


  • Lene Rimestad Center for Journalistik, Syddansk Universitet




Columns generally take up a lot of space in the media. But what can an employed journalist write in his column? How is this particular freedom managed and shaped? In this article the columns written by journalists working for Berlingske Tidende are analyzed. The analysis covers two months before and after substantial changes in the paper in 2003. Two parameters are used in the analysis: Political: Is the column pro-government, anti-government, apolitical or mixed. And what sphere does the column cover: Does the column take place in the private sphere or the public sphere? Finally the changes in the period are discussed. But initially the column as a genre is defined.


How to Cite

Rimestad, L. (2009). Klummen som politisk barometer. Journalistica, 3(1). https://doi.org/10.7146/journalistica.v3i1.2034