Fra Partipresse over Omnibuspresse til Segmentpresse


  • Ida Schultz



Significant historical changes have taken place in the Danish press in the last thirty years: Newspapers have merged, international companies have become owners of Danish newspapers, readers have become target groups, newspaper production has become digital and a handful of free dailies distributed in traffic and directly to households has been introduced. A sociological field perspective is promising in relation to grasping the complexity of the empirical developments and challenging the ‘independency theses’ of Danish media research. The paper develops the thesis that a new media order – the Segment Press – has replaced the Omnibus Press of the late 20th century and the Partisan Press before that.


How to Cite

Schultz, I. (2007). Fra Partipresse over Omnibuspresse til Segmentpresse. Journalistica, 2(5).