Kann man die Gebrauchstheorie der Bedeutung in der Semantik gebrauchen?

  • Klaus Robering


The following article deals with some aspects of special theories of meaning – namely those which consider the meaning of a linguistic sign as a function of its use. Although this approach to meaning is commonly attributed to Wittgenstein, I do not aim at an interpretation or exegesis of this philosopher but rather at a systematic discussion of meaning-as-use-theories. In the first section, I discuss the very notion of a theory of meaning. The next section provides a list of criteria which a theory of meaning should fulfill in order to be a meaning-as-use-theory. The formal architecture of semantic theories is discussed in the third section and – dealing with the simpler case of a referential theory of meaning as an example – the fourth section explains how semantic theories are given a theoretical underpinning by being interpreted within a theory of meaning. The same is done for the case of meaning-as-use-theories in the final section.
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Robering, K. (2017). Kann man die Gebrauchstheorie der Bedeutung in der Semantik gebrauchen?. HERMES - Journal of Language and Communication in Business, 15(29), 73-106. https://doi.org/10.7146/hjlcb.v15i29.25695
THEMATIC SECTION I: Leksikologi og leksikografi