Empowering Translators through Entrepreneurship in Simulated Translation Bureaus

  • Gys-Walt van Egdom
  • Kalle Konttinen
  • Sonia Vandepitte,
  • María Fernández-Parra
  • Rudy Loock
  • Joop Bindels


This paper reviews entrepreneurial activities that take place within the simulated translation bureaus of member institutions of the INSTB network and establishes a link between entrepreneurism, self-efficacy and perceived competence. Reusing pre-test and post-test data of a student survey, a first attempt is made to design and test a survey instrument for gauging the impact of a simulated translation bureau on perceived entrepreneurial competence and self-efficacy for planning, setting up, and managing a translating organisation in pedagogical translation company simulations. Tentative results suggest a positive effect of participation in translation company simulation modules on students’ entrepreneurial self-efficacy and perceived competence. Because of the anonymity of the data, pre-test and post-test responses could not be paired. As a consequence, the statistical significance of the results could not be confirmed. 

How to Cite
van Egdom, G.-W., Konttinen, K., Vandepitte, S., Fernández-Parra, M., Loock, R., & Bindels, J. (2020). Empowering Translators through Entrepreneurship in Simulated Translation Bureaus. HERMES - Journal of Language and Communication in Business, 60, 81-95. https://doi.org/10.7146/hjlcb.v60i0.121312