MONUSCO: a atuação brasileira em operações de paz robustas

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Graziene Carneiro de Souza


The Resolution 2098 of the UN Security Council (UNSC) of March 28th 2013 authorized with originality, the creation of a Force Intervention Brigade to work in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Although the appointed Brazilian General to command MONUSCO does not operate as an official representative of Brazil but instead as an UN official, this action reinforces the interest of Brazil on UN peace operations. Stressing the Brazilian efforts to win a seat as a permanent member of the UNSC and considering its participation since 1956, in 47 UN peacekeeping missions, this article questions the Brazilian’s intention and capacity to be active in robust operations.

Keywords: MONUSCO, Brazilian participation, military capability.

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de Souza, G. C. (2015). MONUSCO: a atuação brasileira em operações de paz robustas. Brasiliana: Journal for Brazilian Studies, 3(2), 169–196.
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Graziene Carneiro de Souza, Fluminense Federal University - Uff

Master on Strategic Studies of Defence and International Security from Fluminense Federal University