Dear friends, contributors, and readers of Brasiliana   We are delighted to be publishing Volume 11 Issue 1 of Brasiliana, Brazil and the Global Southwhich looks at the ways Brazil relates to the concept, community, and political project of the so-called 'Global South'This has been a very exciting topic to begin exploring and we hope that the issue provokes further debate.   We continue to accept general articles for the next issue, due for publication at the end of this year. The deadline for submissions is Monday, 24th October 2023.   We would also like to make a special announcement. As Brasiliana begins its tenth year, the role of Chief Editor will be passed to Dr. Anna Grimaldi, who has been working for the journal for seven years. On behalf of the Brasiliana team we would like to give a warm welcome to Anna in her new role, and to thank Dr Felipe Botelho Correa for all his fantastic efforts in leading the journal for the past 5 years.