Welcome to the Brasiliana special edition series of Policy Papers. Here you will find the latest issues and can find out more about the series below. If you'd like to find out more about the series, or would like to propose a contribution, please contact the editor.

Special Issue 1: UK-Brazil Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation. July 2018.

Brasiliana Policy Papers Series is a sister publication of Brasiliana – Journal for Brazilian
Studies. Aiming to address contemporary issues of Brazilian society and politics, the
Policy Papers series brings together texts from scholars and practitioners that are
engaged in promoting collaborative policy ideas, both to and from Brazil. What makes
this Policy Papers series unique is that it does not aim to simply prescribe solutions from
an external point of view; the papers published here are the result of collaboratively
elaborated dialogues and reflect a sincere exchange of ideas and points of view.

Articles published in Brasiliana Policy Papers Series are moderated and supervised by the
editor and guest-editor, who are responsible for the editing process.