At (gen)skabe forbindelser: Økocentriske medieringer


  • Sara Mosberg Iversen


Human-nature connectedness is regarded as an important factor in relation to both pro-environmental behaviour and general well-being. However, within environmental psychology and nature education, digital media technologies are often regarded as direct causes of declining nature connectedness. On the basis of the assumption that media technologies are created to minimize distances of various kinds, the question of whether media technologies may as well be used to foster nature connectedness is being engaged. To that effect, different examples of the use of media technologies for (re)connecting humans
with the rest of nature are discussed.





Mosberg Iversen, S. “At (gen)skabe Forbindelser: Økocentriske Medieringer”. Aktualitet - Litteratur, Kultur Og Medier, bd. 15, nr. 3, december 2021, s. 68-74,