Academic publishing can help in court cases


  • Luis Maria De Los Santos Castillo Lawyer specialising in human rights and partner of the legal cooperative Derechos Al Sur



torture documentation, Spain


I am writing to inform your readers of the outcome of a case, which was the focus of an article published in the Torture Journal when the case was in its preliminary stages. We must first revisit the events on the 30th November 2007. The Andalusian activist, Agustín Toranzo, together with another colleague, was forcibly extracted from an underground tunnel where he had chained himself to an object inside the tunnel during a protest. He was protesting against the eviction from a building that would be demolished to build luxury homes, located on Calle Antonia Sáenz in the city of Seville, called “Centro Social Ocupado y Autogestionado” or “Casas Viejas” (autonomous social centre).




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Castillo, L. M. D. L. S. (2019). Academic publishing can help in court cases: Array. Torture Journal, 29(1), 142–143.