Interpersonel farvning i dansk

  • Thomas Hestbæk Andersen
  • Flemming Smedegaard


On a systemic functional background this paper presents two central interpersonal resources in Danish, namely the concept of speech function and the concept of modality. Thus, the paper presents linguistic ways to negotiate meaning and to express attitude. The negotiation of meaning and the expression of attitude can be dealt with in both a typical way and a non-typical way. The typical way constitutes the congruent and non-metaphorical mode while the latter constitutes the incongruent mode and thereby the lexicogrammatical metaphor. The paper examines both nonmetaphorical and metaphorical ways of negotiating meaning and expressing attitude.
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Andersen, T. H., & Smedegaard, F. (2005). Interpersonel farvning i dansk. Tidsskrift for Sprogforskning, 3(1), 5-27.
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