• Jørn Borup Lektor, Ph.D. Center for Samtidsreligion Institut for Kultur og Samfund Aarhus Unversitet
Nøgleord: populærkultur, buddhisme, Zen, religion, New Age



Global Popular Buddhism

Buddhism is popular in the West. In several countries, Buddhism is the fastest growing religion and a significant contributor of ideas and rituals for the New Age market, the high culture of artists and thinkers and mainstream popular culture. This article is about a concrete expression of popularized transnational religion, namely the routes of Buddhism from the East to the West. From the perspective of history of religion, the changes brought about by personal networks and discourses are analyzed as constituents of contemporary popular Buddhism, which in a broader perspective illustrate important aspects of religious routes across time, space and semantic domains.

Borup, J. (2013). GLOBAL POPULÆRBUDDHISME. Temp - Tidsskrift for Historie, 3(6), 13-26. Hentet fra