Danmark og EUropa


  • Uffe Østergård Professor Emeritus Copenhagen Buisness School


EU, nationalstater, Dansk identitet, 1864, politisk kultur


Denmark and Europe

Because of its geographical situation in the middle of Europe and its special political culture which is owing to the dual heritage from history Denmark is in a paradoxical way fitting well to the European cooperation which for many reasons has developed in to an unplanned and unforeseen ’federation of nation-states’. This contradictory term explains many if not all the aspects of the cooperation that has developed through the latest 60 years. The development of the EU is being analyzed starting with an analysis of the heritage from the defeat in 1864 and Denmark’s subsequent change from a multilingual state, the Oldenburg monarchy, into today’s the homogenous Danish nation-state, however, for the time being with maintainance of the plurinational rigsfællesskab. The thesis is that the Danes without noticing it themselves have got things the way they want them but that they dare not believe it. And may be will not have them either when the weaknesses of the construction are being realized.





Østergård, U. (2015). Danmark og EUropa. Temp - Tidsskrift for Historie, 6(11), 98–126. Hentet fra https://tidsskrift.dk/temp/article/view/22882