The unity of the Realm in a federal perspective


  • Jens Christian Svabo Justinussen



An ideal-typical federation is based on an agreement between its member states, has a federal constitution, a separate federal parliament, two tiers of government and an independent institution to solve conflicts between these two levels. How far from such an ideal type is the unity of the Realm, and is it possible to create a full federation consisting of Denmark, Greenland and the Faroes? The analysis shows that the Realm has several federal features and could be conceptualised as a semi-federation. There are possibilities for further federalisation, but the demographic differences between its parts prevent a full federation. The federal perspective is relevant in the 21st century’s Arctic development since it can capture and conceptualize some of the most pertinent political and social dynamics within the Realm and the challenges it faces.




Justinussen, J. C. S. (2019). The unity of the Realm in a federal perspective. Politica, 51(4).