Vol. 1 No. 2 (2020): Nordic Journal of Library and Information Studies, vol 1 no 2 2020

This issue of the Nordic Journal of Library and Information Studies contains three very different, yet all equally inspiring, research articles. The first article, “This is really interesting. I never even thought about this”, is authored by Pamela J. McKenzie and Nicole K. Dalmer. McKenzie and Dalmer introduce and discuss four methodological strategies that can be used to analyse unnoticed information work: “(1) consider the local and the translocal; (2) attend to the material and the textual; (3) consider visual methods; and (4) (re)consider the participant’s role and expertise”. The second article, Den digitale offentligheten i kultur- og bibliotekpolitikken, is authored by Håkon Larsen and Per Aleksander Solheim. They analyse Norwegian cultural policies’ description of how digital information technologies challenge democracy, as well as the solutions ascribed to these outlined threats. Mia Høj Mathiasson has authored the third and final research article in this issue of NJLIS; From means to an end to ends in themselves. Mathiasson shows how the programming has changed over the years and she analyses the reasoning behind offering these activities. In addition, Wiebke Keim reviews Nora Schmidt’s doctoral thesis The privilege to select. Global research system, European academic library collections, and decolonisation

Published: 2020-12-10