Multilayer Reflection Tomography from Monte Carlo Simulations


  • Rasmus Buus Nielsen


X-ray Reflection Tomography (XRT) is a tool for imaging of buried layers and interfaces in multilayer thin-films. The
method combines X-ray reflectivity and computerized tomography to determine spatially dependent reflectivity curves.
Simulations of X-ray reflection tomography experiments make it possible to asses to which accuracy properties can be determined
and evaluate various reconstruction methods.2 It is thus important that such simulations mimic real experiments.
In this paper it is shown that a Monte Carlo approach can be used to simulate XRT experiments and test reconstruction
techniques. This approach takes into account the statistical properties of an experimental X-ray setup and allows for
simulation of diverse experimental configurations. The currently used analytical simulations based on projections do not
include such statistics and are limited in scope. The Monte Carlo approach will facilitate further development of the
applications of XRT.




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