(Partner) Hunting in Rick Bass’ ‘Antlers’

Biocentrism vs. Anthropocentrism Embedded in Environmentalism

  • Ida Hagh Møller Aarhus University
Keywords: ecofeminism, hunting, environmentalism, biologism, anthropocentrism, Rick Bass, ecocriticism, Reading Animals


This paper aims to elucidate the proportionality amongst the micro-ideologies within the field that ecocriticism occupies. Through an analysis of Rick’ Bass short story ‘Antlers’ the paper points out and contrasts these micro-ideologies. Moreover, it examines the author’s usage of figurative language including allegory of hunting which the paper argues aims to depict human interrelations in contemporary society. Finally, it argues that the author implicitly advocates anthropocentrism over biologism and that his vision of environmentalism is influenced by his values. Said values are found to be pronounced in his fiction as well as his nonfictional accounts.

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Møller, I. (2019). (Partner) Hunting in Rick Bass’ ‘Antlers’. Leviathan: Interdisciplinary Journal in English, (4), 38-47. https://doi.org/10.7146/lev.v0i4.112679