Issue 10


The tenth issue of Leviathan: Interdisciplinary Journal in English is now available through this site. The issue includes contributions by Mathilde Buch Andersen, Freja Kjærby, Mulle Birch Olsen, Ida Bække Johannesen, Peter Katballe-Kristensen, Sara Katrine Pauli Lorensen, Nadia Schalipp, and Ida Marie Thomsen Krarup. The issue also includes a Perspective by the editor.

Contributions to this issue were recommended by members of staff Ken Ramshøj Christensen, Dale Carter, Míša Hejná, Mathias Clasen, and Joseph William Sterrett.

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No. 10 (2024)
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Leviathan: Interdisciplinary Journal in English (2017–) is an academic journal for students at the Department of English, Aarhus University. The journal publishes outstanding exam papers from all courses offered at the department based on faculty recommendations. 

Leviathan publishes only exam papers that represent an original contribution to the relevant field—set assignments will not be considered. While submissions are evaluated and accepted based on overall academic merit, special attention will be paid to argumentative cogency and innovative perspectives.

Leviathan is founded and edited by Jens Kjeldgaard-Christiansen, a postdoc (and former student) at the Department of English, Aarhus University.