Call for abstracts: Media and health in everyday life


Media and digital technologies are deeply embedded in our lives and activities across the globe. Thus, also influencing and transforming every day health practices by introducing new digital solutions and services, such as digital health communication, health websites and portals, fitness applications etc. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused further rapid changes to the healthcare system, wherein digital health solutions have become more relevant than ever. However, the digital and the analogue media still need to co-exist to safeguard inclusion and equal health for all. This special issue addresses the ways in which media technology contributes to reconfiguring health practices, health experiences, and the sense-making of health and illness, from an everyday perspective, a concept referring to the “(…) ordinary, often familiar, and taken for granted, the common-sensical (…) rarely theorized” (Bennett, 2005:1, see also Lefebvre, Rabinovitch & Wander, 2017).

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Current Issue

Vol. 37 No. 71 (2021): Platformed Bodies

Theme Editors:

Kristian Møller, University of Roskilde

Maja Nordtug, University of Southern Denmark


Issue Editor:

Stinne Grunder Strøm Krogager, Aalborg University


Review Editor:

Jonathan Leer, University College Absalon

Published: 2021-12-22


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