Akut nyreinfarkt: En sjælden årsag til akut abdomen

  • Mohamed Ebrahim Abdominalcenter K, Kirurgisk sektion, Bispebjerg Hospital
Nøgleord: Akut abdomen, Thromboemboli, Nyreinsufficiens, Kirurgi, Medicin, CT


Acute Renal infarction is a rare cause of acute abdomen that may cause irreversible kidney damage.

The presenting symptomatology is nonspecific and mimics other more common conditions, which leads to delay in diagnosis.

If diagnosis is made early by contrast-enhanced computed tomography proper treatment can be planned to preserve kidney function.

We report a case of renal infarction in a 45 year old man with acute abdominal pain were diagnosis was missed at initial assessment with non-contrast CT.


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