Årg. 15 Nr. 2 (2021): Special Issue: Tangled Up in Bob Dylan

Professor Klaus Petersen and professor Anne-Marie Mai (SDU, DIAS) have edited this special issue of Aktualitet. The issue contains essays based on papers from a panel organized by Mai at the Dylan 80 Virtual Conference, held at The Bob Dylan Institute, Tulsa University in May 2021.

The following essays contribute to our discussion on inspirations between research, art and inspiration between artists and will be followed by more workshops on challenging ideas and scientific curiosity at Danish Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Southern Denmark (DIAS). The scholars of DIAS come from all faculties and want to stimulate scientific curiosity and cooperation. DIAS wants to initiate an ongoing discussion on interdisciplinarity through workshops on ‘out-of-the-box-thinking’ including the important links between arts, humanities, social and natural science.

Særnummerets essays er ikke peer reviewed.

Publiceret: 2021-08-10