Cfp: Feminism, social movements and everyday activism


Deadline: Papers must be submitted by August 20, 2019

This special issue of Conjunctions addresses new and historical forms of feminism, everyday activism and social movements dealing with gender related issues and struggles around the world. We invite contributions that explore the protest repertoires, imaginations and practices of movements that fight for political, social, cultural, juridical or economic rights, as well as theoretical contributions that explores theories of feminism, gender, gender theory, queer theory and gender activism. Furthermore, we welcome contributions that analyse examples of everyday activism, popular culture and cultural resistance.

We invite empirical, theoretical and activist contributions from across disciplines, and especially welcome articles that explores the interconnections between ethnicity, class and gender and/or the relationship feminism, Marxism, post-colonialism, socialism and anarchism.

Topics may include, but need not be confined to, the following:

  • The protest repertoire of gender activism
  • Mediated gender activism and online feminism
  • Intersectionality and the critique of ‘white feminism’
  • Cultural resistance and gender in popular culture
  • Social movements and gender
  • Sex industry and human rights activism
  • Everyday discrimination
  • Pink capitalism
  • Transnational feminism
  • Politics of care, domesticity and reproduction

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The journal seeks to create an international and transdisciplinary forum for the investigation of user-generated production and user-driven cultural participation across a variety of social fields and participatory platforms, e.g. urban spaces, aesthetic co-productions and online environments. The overall focus is to explore the socially transformative and democratic potential of cultural participation processes, to qualify the academic understanding of what ‘cultural participation’ is and what it involves, and to discuss the complex relations created between user-generated material and established institutions. We invite submissions from a variety of disciplinary fields such as cultural studies, media studies, cultural geography, aesthetics, science and technology studies, health care, information science, sociology, anthropology, and gender studies.