About the Journal

Privacy Studies Journal (PSJ) is a fully open access, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal published by the Danish National Research Foundation Centre for Privacy Studies, University of Copenhagen. It has an international editorial board with members representing a broad range of academic fields.

PSJ spans the present and the past, and envisions the future. Featuring original, high-quality research on privacy in its broadest sense and with the human component in focus, we welcome contributions that take privacy and the private as catalysts for analysis.


Call for Research Articles - Submissions are now open


The Privacy Studies Journal is accepting submissions for research articles that will form the core of its first issue, to appear during 2022. We welcome articles that use privacy—in a broad sense and in any of its dimensions—as the starting point for a critical analysis of human life (see About the Journal for more information on PSJ’s mandate).

We encourage researchers from anywhere around the globe to engage with questions of privacy and send us their research contributions. We aim for the first issue to be representative of the broad disciplinary, chronological and geographical scope that we envision for the Privacy Studies Journal.

Interdisciplinary efforts that combine different research approaches to the examination of privacy and its correlates are encouraged, but works stemming from single disciplines are also accepted. The final deadline for submissions is Saturday 1 January 2022 at 23:59 CEST. Responses as to whether the article has been accepted for peer review will be sent after this date.

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