Call for abstracts for Privacy Studies Journal 2024 and 2025 volumes


Do you wonder whether your research might be of interest for the Privacy Studies Journal? We invite article abstracts on privacy in past, present, or future for Privacy Studies Journal volume 3 (2024) and 4 (2025). We welcome submissions that take privacy - in the broadest sense - as the starting point for a critical analysis of human life (see About the Journal for more information on the Privacy Studies Journal mandate).

We encourage researchers from all over the globe and from any scholarly field to engage with questions of privacy and send us their research contributions. Privacy Studies Journal has a broad disciplinary, chronological, and geographical scope. We encourage interdisciplinary efforts that combine different research approaches to the examination of privacy and its correlates, but also welcome articles anchored in a single discipline.

We invite future Privacy Studies Journal authors to submit a 200-word abstract describing the content of the proposed paper and demonstrating how it addresses privacy by September 1, 2024, 11.59 pm CEST using this submission form. After an initial review, selected authors will be invited to submit a full contribution that will then go through double-blind peer-review. All authors will receive an answer by September 15, 2024. Authors for the 2024 volume will be notified already by September 4, 2024.

The deadlines for submitting invited manuscripts are:

  • October 15, 2024, to be published in the 2024 volume
  • February 1, 2025, to be published in the 2025 volume (published on a rolling basis before summer)
  • May 1, 2025, to be published in the 2025 volume (published on a rolling basis after summer)

NB: all articles will go through double-blind peer review so having your abstract accepted does not guarantee publication of your article.

We invite submissions within these genres:

  • Research articles present original research that fits within the scope of Privacy Studies Journal and make a significant contribution to the knowledge community. They contain references, illustrations, figures, analysis of data, or other source material, in support of a well-structured argument. Length: ca. 7000 words.
  • Systematic Review Articles provide the current state of the art for a particular area of privacy studies. They provide a summary overview of scholarly work that has been written on the topic. Length: ca. 7000 words.
  • Position papers present a professional opinion of a scholar on a relevant subject. They give background information, present a given position with a view to opposite stances, and offer a discussion. Length: ca. 3000 to 7000 words.
  • Book Reviews provide an informed, scholarly reaction one or several recently published works in areas relevant for privacy studies. Length: ca. 2000 words

If you would like to propose a special issue, please submit a bundle of abstracts and a description of the special issue in one combined file.

With the submission of your abstract please include the following information:

  • Title of the proposed article
  • Name and e-mail address of corresponding author
  • Names and 1-page CVs of all authors
  • Genre of your submission (research articles, review article, position paper, book review, special issue)
  • Which of the three deadlines you would like to meet if invited to submit a full manuscript

The abstracts are evaluated on the basis of:

  • Originality
  • Scholarly quality
  • Relevance to Privacy Studies Journal and its scope
  • Disciplinary and methodological variation among abstracts

If you have any questions, please contact assistant editor of Privacy Studies Journal, Emma Klakk at

Next to these shepherded contributions, Privacy Studies Journal still invites full manuscripts and proposals for special issues on a rolling basis.