Editorial Team

NAVEIÑ REET: Nordic Journal of Law and Social Research (NNJLSR) peer reviewed annual research journal

Rubya Mehdi, University of Copenhagen (ToRS)

Editorial Committee

Osama Siddique, Associate Professor – Department of Law & Policy (LUMS), Pakistan Member of the Lahore High Court Bar Association Member of the New York Bar Association Rhodes Scholar for Pakistan
Abdul Quddos Sial, Associate Professor – The Islamia University of Bahawalpur
Livia Holden, Professor, Karakoram International University, Pakistan
Gordan R. Woodman, Emeritus Professor of Comparative Law, Birmingham Law School, University of Birmingham, UK
Jørgen Nielsen, Jørgen S. Nielsen Hon. Professor of Islamic Studies, Faculty of Theology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Javaid Rehman, Brunal Law School, Brunal University, UK
Prakash Shah, Dept of Law, Queen Mary, University of London, UK
Marie-Claire Foblets – at the Universities of Leuven, Brussels and Antwerp
Muhammad Khalid Masud, ‹ad-hoc member of the Shariat Appellate Bench, Ex Chairman Council of Islamic Ideology, Pakistan
Khalid Saeed, Dept of Psychology, BZU, Multan, Pakistan
Muhammad Shafique Bhatti, Chairman Dept of Philosophy, BZU, Multan, Pakistan
Muhammad Farooq, Chairman Department of Pakistan Studies, BZU, Multan, Pakistan
Shirin Zubair, BZU, Multan, Pakistan
Werner Menski, School of Law, SOAS, University of London, UK
Rashdeen Nawaz (advocate Supreme Court of Pakistana) Lahore
Lisbet Christoffersen, Roskild University Centre (RUC) Denmark
Peter Birkelund Andersen, Associate Professor, Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies (ToRS), University of Denmark, Denmark

Advisory Committee

Hanne Petersen, Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Lawrence Rosen, Cromwell Professor of Anthropology, Princeton University, USA
Ahmed Ali, National University of Law, Islamabad, Pakistan
Stig Toft Madsen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Ali Khan, Head of Department - Humanities and Social Sciences (LUMS)