About the Journal

About the Journal

NAVEIÑ REET: Nordic Journal of Law and Social Research (NNJLSR) is a peer reviewed annual open access research journal.

NAVEIÑ REET is a Punjabi word and means “New Tradition”.

NNJLSR aims to publish original and innovative legal scholarship in the diverse fields of law. NNJLSR is keen to publish interdisciplinary socio-legal research that examines the interface between law and political science, economics, sociology, philosophy, anthropology, ecology, feminism and legal institutions.

The journal further aims to share research and ideas about legal matters of concern which are common to developing countries; to encourage research in these fields; and to build conventions of academic discourse and publication.

The journal encourages work that sees law in a broader sense, and so sees legal matters as including cultural diversity and plural legal realities all over the world.

Moreover, journal aims to function as a platform for communication on legal matters of concern among the powerless and those who struggle to access justice.

The journal welcomes contributions from judges, lawyers, academics and law students. In addition, given its policy of encouraging interdisciplinary scholarship, it welcomes input from specialists belonging to other disciplines. Contributors are welcome to address issues from national, comparative and international perspectives.

Contributions may be in the form of articles, book reviews, case comments or other forms.

The views expressed in the NNJLSR are those of the authors and they are responsible for their views expressed in the NNJLSR.

Open access policy

NNJLSR is a fully open access online journal and every published article is freely accessible in full text to everyone, immediately after publication.

NNJLSR does not charge for submission, review or publishing of articles.

Counting from number 12 (2022), articles published in NNJLSR are licensed under Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0). Readers are allowed to copy and redistribute the articles in any medium or format, to adapt and revise the articles, and use the articles for commercial purposes, provided that the readers give appropriate credits.

Read about best practices in crediting Creative Commons licensed works here.

No Creative Commons licenses are applied on articles in number 1 (2009)-11 (2021). All rights reserved by the authors. Readers are allowed to download, read, and link to the articles published in volume 1 (2009)-11 (2021), but they may not republish or redistribute these articles without permission of the authors.

Printed copies are available at Campus Print. Please note that due to printing cost copies are not free of charge.

Other information

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