Islandsk klarsprog som forskningsområde

  • Ari Páll Kristinsson


The paper discusses Icelandic plain language as a research field. The conclusion is that until recently, Icelandic linguists did not find it worthwhile to prioritize research into plain language. The author suggests that this lack of interest can be explained by the ideology that plain language use is inherently entailed by Iceland’s prevailing lexical purism, deep-rooted respect for ’Saga style’ concise sentences, traditional grammar, and ancient idioms. Consequently, the general perception has been that there is no particular need for plain language efforts. Recent Icelandic language legislation (2011) challenges this traditional indifference towards plain language research, as the law stipulates that the language used in activities of government and municipalities shall be ”good”, plain and clear (Art. 10). This act can motivate future researchers to attend to Icelandic plain language. The author emphasizes the value of language discourses as material for such research.
Kristinsson, A. (2014). Islandsk klarsprog som forskningsområde. Klart språk I Norden, 15(7).