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STS Encounters is published by the Danish Association for Science and Technology Studies. The aim of the journal is to publish high quality STS research, support collaboration in the Danish STS community and contribute to the recognition of Danish STS nationally and internationally. In this context STS is understood as a broad and interdisciplinary field. Encounters encourages submissions from all relevant fields and subfields of social and cultural inquiry dealing with scientific and technological matters. The editorial board emphasizes that the journal is to offer a broad and nuanced view of the Danish STS environment. This applies to theoretical and analytical frameworks, choice of method and substantive empirical areas.

Current Issue

Vol. 15 No. 2 (2023): STS Encounters
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This special issue of STS Encounters contains one editorial and 12 articles:

(In alphabetical order) Peter Danholt, Julia Kirch Kirkegaard, Kasper Ostrowski, Irina Papazu: Introduction DASTS 2022 special issue

Anders Blok: ‘The Sustainable State’ of STS - Keynote at DASTS 2022

Steffen Dalsgaard, Rasmus Tyge Haarløv: Mobilising Uncertainties in Air Pollution Science in Copenhagen

Adam Veng, Irina Papazu, Mads Ejsing: Is Denmark a green entrepreneurial state? Mapping Danish climate politics between civic mobilization and business cooptation

Daniel Nordstrand Frantzen, Sophie Nyborg, Julia Kirch Kirkegaard: Taking a bird’s-eye view: infrastructuring bird-turbine relations during wind power controversies 

Marie Larsen Ryberg: The Benefit of the Doubt: Rethinking critique in/of scientific knowledge

Søren Sjøgren: War, PowerPoint, and hypnotised chickens - Standards and templates at work in a military staff

Hannah Star Rogers, Kristin D. Hussey, Louise Whiteley, Adam Bencard, Christopher Gad, Eduardo Abrantes: Curating Complexities in Art, Science, and Medicine: Art, Science, and Technology Studies (ASTS) in Public Practice

Nina Frahm, Kasper Hedegård Schiølin: Toward an ‘Ever Closer Union’ - The Making of AI-Ethics in the EU

Ruth Neubauer, Ksenija Kuzmina, Elke Bachlmair: Making the 3000m2 Prototype

Liam Healy: Everything is a prototype, but not at all in the same way - Towards an ecology of prototyping

Torben Elgaard Jensen, Ann-Sofie Thorsen: The Mixed Blessings of an Iterative Design Strategy - A case study of the handling of user representations

Peter Danholt: Thinking Participatory Design work-shops in the presence of cosmopolitics




Published: 2023-09-04


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