• Additions, supplements etc. Carl Nielsen Bibliography 1985-2019

    This is an online special issue. This bibliography is a supplement to Mina F. Miller: Carl Nielsen. A guide to research (New York 1987) currently covering the period 1985 to 2011, supplemented with a few records which are missing in Miller's bibliography. The bibliography includes monographs and articles, plus dissertations from Denmark and the rest of the world. Important book reviews from specialist journals are included, but not reviews of recordings or concerts, CD booklets or magazine articles. As in Miller's bibliography the list encompasses both actual research and more journalistic articles written for a general readership. The bibliography is an updated linking of the Carl Nielsen bibliographies published in Carl Nielsen Studies vols.1–5 (Copenhagen 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, and 2011).The supplement was released online elsewhere in 2019 and was reissued here in 2022.