Residents’ Democratic engagement in public housing and urban areas – structures, formalities and technologies

  • Olav W. Bertelsen Aarhus University Denmark
  • Henrik Korsgaard Aarhus University Denmark
  • Ingrid Kuhn Liquid Democracy Germany
  • Carolin Schröder TU-Berlin Germany
  • Yngve Sundblad Royal Institute of Technology Sweden
  • Konrad Tollmar Royal Institute of Technology Sweden
Keywords: Public housing, decision-making, residents’ democracy, participatory publics, workshop


The workshop gathers people from various sectors inside and outside academia to discuss the current state of, and the prospects for IT in the support of residents’ democratic engagement in, and around, public housing. 


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Bertelsen, O., Korsgaard, H., Kuhn, I., SchröderC., Sundblad, Y., & Tollmar, K. (2015). Residents’ Democratic engagement in public housing and urban areas – structures, formalities and technologies. Aarhus Series on Human Centered Computing, 1(1), 4.
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