Konvensjoner om faste kulturminner:

Norges forpliktelser og utfordringer til fagmiljøet


  • Françoise Hanssen-Bauer


Konvensjoner om faste kulturminner:
Norges forpliktelser og utfordringer til fagmiljøet
By Françoise Hanssen-Bauer

Since 1961, Norway has ratified seven international conventions on the cultural heritage and its protection. The author presents two of these conventions, the so-called Granada and Malta conventions that Norway ratified in 1996 and 1995 respectively. She focuses her discussion on a few articles in these conventions, and claims that these express a general approach to preservation which implies several challenges and requirements to the concerned professions and communities. She summarizes three emerging dilemmas: - Preserving vs. use and access; - Expert control over decision making vs. participation of the public; - Developing national professional traditions vs. European collaboration and coordination 


Internet sites
European Treaties and conventions: http://conventions.coe.int
Committee of Ministers’ website: http://cm.coe.int
Kulturpolitikk i Europa: http://www.culturalpolicies.net
European Heritage Network: http://www.european-heritage.net
European Commission Culture: http://europa.eu.int/comm/culture/eac/index_en.html
Miljøverndepartementet: http://odin.dep.no/md/
Science and Technology for the Conservation of the European Cultural Heritage: http://www.chm.unipg.it/chimgen/LabS-TECH.html

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