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Vol. 9 (2018)
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Signs is an international peer-reviewed electronic journal on the semiotics of mind, consciousness, language and culture as well as living and inanimate nature, and possible connections between them. 

The stance of the journal is interdisciplinary due to the nature of the subject and explores all processes of cognition, communication, meaning and information interchange, in which signs feature. The journal is also transdisciplinary in that it has an interest in the philosophical frameworks forming the specific semiotic outlook on cognitive, communicative and social processes.

Signs invites to a broad range of contributions: the philosophical as well as scientific description of sign phenomena, the systematization of sign phenomena in theories and models, and the application of semiotic knowledge i.e. in information technology.

Signs primarily publishes research articles but also response articles, comments, and critical reviews. 

With Signs we hope to serve well researchers in semiotics and related areas of semiotics, researchers using semiotic theory in their work and scientists interested in becoming informed about current work in semiotics and its ramifications as well as educators seeking inspiration and material.