Portræt af en dansk-jødisk iværksætter


  • Esther Kvetny Jarløv


A Portrait of a Danish-Jewish Entrepreneur

The mid-19th century, witnessed an increase in successful Jewish entrepreneurs in Copenhagen. One of the many thriving traders was Philip W. Heyman. He was the son of the Jewish merchant Wulff Heyman, who worked himself from poverty to great wealth. As an adult, Wulff Heyman bought an apartment at one of the most attractive addresses in Copenhagen and his children were brought up in a wealthy and very religious home. His son Philip W. Heyman began his career in the butchers business, but never stayed in one industry for a very long time. He was always on his way to another adventure. He became the first Danish merchant to sell Danish brands abroad, he bought the first icemaker in Denmark, and he built the first public houses in order to help his employees, but the most stunning thing he did in his life was to build the brewery Tuborg. As a father, husband and employer he was dominant and harsh and demanded discipline from morning to dawn. With this attitude, he created the greatest business empire in Denmark.





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