Stay with Me: Uncertain Indices and Attentional Presence in Chat Interfaces


  • Maja Bak Herrie
  • Mette-Marie Zacher Søresen



Everyday Aesthetics, Attention, Typing Indicators, Chat Interfaces, Uncertain Indices, Care


In this article, Herrie and Sørensen examine the mediation of typing indicators (“…”) in online messaging. Their point of departure is a scene from the contemporary novel Exciting Times by Naoise Dolan (2020), in which the ‘dots’ play a prominent role. Their analysis shows how typing indicators, as interface design, mediate the complex communication situation in which they take part: from being mere signals, they have slipped into our emotional lives. From a semiotic perspective (Charles S. Peirce), the authors define typing indicators as uncertain indices which through unknowability and suspense establish an attentional presence. In continuation hereof, the authors argue that the acts of writing and waiting in contemporary attentional ecologies (Yves Citton) through the mediation of typing indicators as indicators of attentional presence, could be considered a mode of caring (Bernard Stiegler).


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Bak Herrie, M., & Zacher Søresen, M.-M. (2023). Stay with Me: Uncertain Indices and Attentional Presence in Chat Interfaces. The Nordic Journal of Aesthetics, 32(65).