Attitudes towards and conceptions of digital technologies and media in Danish museums

Nanna Holdgaard, Celia Ekelund Simonsen


This paper examines the attitudes and conceptions of digital technologies and media in Danish museum organisations and discusses how the museums understand and prioritise communication compared to formidling (dissemination of knowledge), and to what extent this influences the use of digital technologies and media. The paper argues that digital technologies and media at times are considered digital add-ons to the traditional museum formidling and communication. In order to create a coherent and complete museum experience (both on-site and online), it is necessary to develop integrated and collaborative work processes and structures between the Departments of Formidling and Communication. The paper draws on empirical data and findings from: 1) a mapping of Danish museum organisations in relation to formidling and communication, and 2) expert interviews with four interviewees involved in Danish museum management.


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ISSN: 1901-9726

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