Sound effects as a genre-defining factor in submarine films


  • Linda Maria Koldau Århus Universitet



submarines, sound design, Das Boot, Hunt for Red October, Hostile Waters


Submarine films can be regarded as a genre with a specific semantic and syntactical structure that heavily depends on the acoustemological nature of submarine warfare. The sound design in submarine films therefore has decisive dramatic and emotive functions. The article presents the sound effects most specific to submarine films and discusses the creative potential they offer both as diegetic sounds bound to submarine existence and as emotive cues with an immediate effect on the audience.

Author Biography

Linda Maria Koldau, Århus Universitet

Chair of Music and Cultural Studies Department of Musicology




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Koldau, L. M. (2010). Sound effects as a genre-defining factor in submarine films. MedieKultur: Journal of Media and Communication Research, 26(48), 13 p.