Mediebilledet af dansk medieforskning [Media Images of Media Research in Denmark]


  • Charlotte Wien Department of Political Science and Public Management, University of Southern Denmark



A strange relationship exists between media and journalism researchers and Danish journalists. The nature of the relationship might be described as mixed feelings based on a mutual lack of respect and knowledge between the two professions. The aim of this article is to explore this relationship. Using qualitative text analyses, I trace the media’s descriptions of research in media and journalism, and through the analyses discuss the conception and stereotypes of this research as it is reflected in the media. My analyses show that media coverage of media research can be divided into three categories based on the roles played by media research and researchers. The first category of articles depicts media researchers as the suppliers of “facts and figures” about media performance. The second mainly describes the component of media research that analyses how the audience is affected by the media. And finally, the third category of articles addresses the research in news media and journalism.




How to Cite

Wien, C. (2009). Mediebilledet af dansk medieforskning [Media Images of Media Research in Denmark]. MedieKultur: Journal of Media and Communication Research, 25(47), 15 p.