New Technologies and Not-So-New Democracies


  • Michael Schudson



Discussions of the impact of the new media on democratic politics often generalize too broadly about new technologies and almost always take for granted a uniformity about democracies. Democra- cies vary across nations and over time. For the USA, it is argued that Americans have had four different visions of what political spe- ech and participation should be. American democracy has shifted from a citizenship of deference, to one of party enthusiasm, to a model of the informed citizen, to the contemporary model of irreve- rent citizenship. Each model calls forth different versions of a public sphere. What is the democracy that technology is having an impact on? This question must be integrated in the discussion of the impact of technology on democracy.




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Schudson, M. (2006). New Technologies and Not-So-New Democracies. MedieKultur: Journal of Media and Communication Research, 22(40), 9 pages.