A Language with a Purpose - the Original Lingua Franca


  • Peter Kastberg University of Aarhus, Denmark




The original Lingua Franca was a language without a nation, without native speakers, and without literature. Despite these facts, which we may easily see as severe shortcomings in the linguistics department, it was, however, a language that served its purpose. From the Dark Ages and until the onset of modernity it served as the traders’ Esperanto. As such it was spoken from the Levant across the Mediterranean and to the Maghreb. Actually a quite convincing track record for a linguistically challenged language, I might add.

Author Biography

Peter Kastberg, University of Aarhus, Denmark

Peter Kastberg, pk@asb.dk holds a Ph.D. in applied linguistics (technical communication) and is an associate professor. He is the founder of the research area for Sociology of Knowledge, University of Aarhus, Denmark. He is currently working on his second doctorate. Among his research interests count: mediation of specialized knowledge across knowledge asymmetries, the ontogenesis of knowledge, and public understanding of science and research.




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Kastberg, P. (2011). A Language with a Purpose - the Original Lingua Franca. Language at Work - Bridging Theory and Practice, 6(10). https://doi.org/10.7146/law.v6i10.7240