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Vol. 7 No. 1 (2020): The Dark Side of Communication
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Published: 2020-12-07


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About us

Communication and Language at Work is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal focusing on (communicative and discursive) practices relating to organizations. With a view to disciplines, the journal invites contributions navigating sociological and philosophical considerations of communication, knowledge, agency, and organization. Empirically, our authors investigate subjects in diverse research areas, from communication to critical management studies and education, psychology, political science, and intercultural studies. We publish research investigating the phenomenon of work with various foci: theoretical considerations on organizational behavior are as welcome as empirical case studies on agent groups at the workplace, and studies on the embeddedness of work organizations in communicative webs of culture, politics, economics, and other aspects. Work, here, is meant as an umbrella term for work(places) in and related to private and public organizations, NGOs, and bordering phenomena such as networks of volunteers. Explicitly included is the area of research into higher education organizations. We take a special interest in issues of communicative construction of group belonging, cultural othering, and processes of change, such as internationalization or digitalization, but the themes are by no means limited to these fields of study.


Upon successful peer-review (double blind) we publish original research papers, both conceptual and empirical. We further aim at representing the tradition of scholarly knowledge construction through dialogue and process. Consequently, we also publish essays, interviews, group discussion protocols, outstanding speeches or key notes, as well as research notes on either project results or on ongoing projects.

CLAW is published under a Creative Commons license and is a joint project initiated and edited by Peter Kastberg, PhD, Full Professor at Aalborg University, and Klarissa Lueg, Dr. phil, Associate Professor at University of Southern Denmark

We publish free of charge

CLAW publishes at least twice a year. For manuscript submission, please contact CLAW does not charge any submission or publishing fees.

CLAW is the successor of the magazine Language at Work – Bridging Theory and Practice (