Added value: The differences that count


  • Dominique Bouchet University of Southern Denmark



Clinging to a simplistic conceptualization of the concept of added value might impair our capability to develop insights to what really matters today when companies seek to make differences within the global market. Today it is more necessary than ever to take into account the importance of language and culture as competitive factors.

Author Biography

Dominique Bouchet, University of Southern Denmark

Dominique Bouchet is the professor of international marketing at the University of Southern Denmark, Odense Campus. He is the director of doctoral programmes in Business and Social Sciences. Bouchet was born and trained in France as a business economist, national economist and as a sociologist. His main research interests are social change and cultural differences. Dominique Bouchet is a highly demanded speaker worldwide and holds seminars on Cross Cultural Communication and on Management of Change in Danish, English, French, and Spanish. -




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Bouchet, D. (2007). Added value: The differences that count. Language at Work - Bridging Theory and Practice, 2(3).