Management discourse: Talking the power walk in organizational communication

  • Birgitte Norlyk University of Southern Denmark


How does management talk the power walk in organizations? By giving straightforward orders since this is a traditional managerial prerogative which does not require an understanding of the subtleties of discourse and the finer aspects of interpersonal communication? Or should management avoid potentially face-threatening orders and concentrate on subtle and discreet manifestations of power in which discourse becomes an important tool when communicating with internal and external stakeholders?

Author Biography

Birgitte Norlyk, University of Southern Denmark
Birgitte Norlyk holds a PhD in organizational communication and organizational culture from The University of Southern Denmark. She also has a practical background in middle management. Her research encompasses studies of professional subcultures in organizations, organizational genres and intercultural communication. She has published books and articles in Danish and English on the interplay between discourse, culture, and power in various organizational settings.
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