Leading by Metaphors –A Case Study of a Mega IT Project in a Danish Bank

  • Per Svejvig Aarhus University
  • Ann-Dorte Fladkjær Nielsen Dansk Supermarked
Keywords: Megaproject, metaphors, successful implementation


Contrary to the existing literature and studies of large-scale IT projects, empirical data from a mega IT project in mid-sized Danish Bank, Jyske Bank, demonstrates a successful implementation of a highly complex IT platform transition. Linguistic representations and especially extensive use of metaphors by executive management to form and shape the megaproject appeared to have significant impact on guidance of individual and collective action, and thereby presumably one of the important factors for the successful implementation. To learn from this case study, we investigate the metaphorical use in the megaproject and discuss how leading by metaphors are enacted. Our findings are that (1) metaphorical storytelling can act as backbone for communication, (2) metaphors can set direction for technical capabilities, and finally (3) metaphors can be used to emphasize emotional intelligence.


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Svejvig, P., & Nielsen, A.-D. (2014). Leading by Metaphors –A Case Study of a Mega IT Project in a Danish Bank. Journal of Organizational Knowledge Communication, 1(1), 31-47. https://doi.org/10.7146/jookc.v1i1.18284