Web 2.0 under the light of free software


  • Rosanna Mestre University of Valencia, Spain.




The development of Web 2.0 has favoured a closer relation between Internet users and the different web applications that facilitate creating, sharing and structuring digital information in a horizontal and collaborative way through so-called social software. Social software includes tools that are familiar to us all, such as chats, forums, blogs, wikis, syndication standards (RSS type), social tagging, multimedia file sharing, social networking, etc. They are tools oriented to give the user a greater capacity of interaction, and a stronger control over the content and the format in which they can be presented.

Author Biography

Rosanna Mestre, University of Valencia, Spain.

Rosanna Mestre is associate professor at the Department of Theory of Languages and Communication Sciences, University of Valencia, Spain. She coordinates Gidc@, a teaching innovation group that uses blog and wiki software in higher education.




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Mestre, R. (2009). Web 2.0 under the light of free software. Language at Work - Bridging Theory and Practice, 4(7). https://doi.org/10.7146/law.v4i7.6174