OPENKI The platform for open education

  • Urban Sand Autonome Schule Zürich Zürich, Switzerland
  • Stephan Balmer Denk:mal Bern Bern, Switzerland
  • Luca Obertüfer Autonome Schule Frauenfeld Zürich, Switzerland
  • Emre Sarigol ETH Zürich Zürich, Switzerland
Keywords: Open Education, Social Network, Knowledge Exchange, Self Organization


In this demo we aim to introduce and demonstrate OPENKI, an interactive web-platform designed and developed with the aim of facilitating a barrier-free access to education. In a nutshell, OPENKI is an open-source tool to facilitate self- organized, regionalized and offline knowledge exchange. It provides a basis for mediating non-commercial education op- portunities by means of acting as a meeting point for indi- viduals interested in similar subjects. The platform connects individuals who are interested learning or teaching specific topics, or have a physical space to offer where the coordi- nated events can take place, and gather themselves around interest groups. Through its lightweight interface, all stages of a learning processes are made possible from the selection of topics and the organization and execution of courses up to the documentation of the learning material. 

How to Cite
Sand, U., Balmer, S., Obertüfer, L., & Sarigol, E. (2015). OPENKI The platform for open education. Aarhus Series on Human Centered Computing, 1(1), 2.