Online privatliv – udfordringer og mulige løsninger

  • Rikke Frank Jørgensen


This article discusses current challenges to privacy in the digital domain. It argues that in order to counter these challenges several interrelated responses are needed. First, the regulatory regime for data protection must be revised and strengthened. Second, privacy and data protection must be closely integrated into technical solutions and organizational procedures. ird, the concept of privacy must be revisited to more adequately re ect the dynamics of online life. is requires a more nuanced understanding of online practices and the internet’s characteristics as radical heterogeneous, socially complex and context-collapsing. Moreover, e ective protection of privacy rights requires that we explicitly formulate and enforce public policy norms for the internet’s core services, irrespective of whether these services are carried out by public or private actors. 

Jørgensen, R. (2015). Online privatliv – udfordringer og mulige løsninger. Politik, 18(3).