Excavations at the Aghia Aikateriki square, Kaselli, Khania 2005 and 2008: a preliminary report


  • Maria Andreadaki-Vlazaki
  • Erik Hallager


In January 2005 the Greek–Swedish Excavations and the
Danish Institute at Athens were approached by the 25th
Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical antiquities to assist
the excavations conducted by the Ephorate in connection
with the construction of a protective roof over the Agia
Aikaterini Square, where the Greek–Swedish Excavations
had been going on since 1969. The proposal was gratefully
accepted. The excavations were carried out during the
period 1st April to 6th September 2005. Altogether 46 trial
tests (marked on Fig. 1) were made. Apart from the trial
tests, an area in the eastern part of the square was also
included in the excavation programme (Trenches 34‑36,
cf. Fig. 1). Here, three Linear B tablets were found in situ,
in 1990. The field directors of the excavation were Dr.
Maria Andreadaki-Vlazaki and Dr. Erik Hallager. In 2008,
when the drawings for the protective roof had finally been
approved by the Ministry of Culture, more trial tests were
carried out together with cleaning in Trenches 34 and 35.
This work took place during the period 1st September to
15th December and was conducted by the 25th Ephorate
under the direction of Dr. Maria Andreadaki-Vlazaki.
Chronologically the excavation covered a period of c.
5000 years of continuous history of the town of Khania. It will be presented stratigraphically from top to bottom,
that is, from the present surface down to bedrock.




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