Language Works 7(2)


  • Elisabeth Muth Andersen University of Southern Denmark
  • Line Dalberg University of Copenhagen
  • Antje Schöps University of Copenhagen
  • Emilie Munch Steffensen University of Southern Denmark
  • Jacob Thøgersen University of Copenhagen
  • Sidsel Holm Rasmussen Aarhus University


The year is drawing to a close and it is quiet at the university while students and staff are away on their Christmas break, hopefully relaxing after a busy semester at the departments of language sciences around the country. Before we can finally part with the year of 2022, however, it is time to welcome the newest issue of our student journal, Language Works! Happy reading and happy New Year from the editorial team.

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Muth Andersen, E., Dalberg, L., Schöps, A., Munch Steffensen, E., Thøgersen, J., & Rasmussen, S. H. (2022). Language Works 7(2). Journal of Language Works - Sprogvidenskabeligt Studentertidsskrift, 7(2), 3–4. Retrieved from